Report Cards

Report Cards will be sent out every nine (9) weeks.  Please sign the report card to indicate that you have seen it and send it back within three days.

Grading Period Ends- Report Cards go home

October 15th-October 22th

December 21st-January 14th

 March 14th- March 21th

 - May 30th

Grading Scale for Grades 1-5

A – Excellent (90-100%)

B – Good (80-89%)

C – Average (70-79%)

D - Poor (60-69%)

F – Failing (Less than 59%)

After each grading period there will be an Awards Ceremony for Kindergarten through third grade. Parents are invited as students receive awards according to their grades on the report card.

Students will be given a standardized test in the fall and again in the spring.  This will show the progress our students have made throughout the year.